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Agile Vibes Dance Group Feb 2011

Programme coming soon.... Work is underway.... Venues being viewed.... will post a schedule soon....

You know when you hear a tune on the radio, TV or even You Tube and you just want to move to that beat, but, you are not quite sure how to...

Well... I am Anjli@AgileVibes.co.uk and I am here to help you do exactly that!!

My Motto:     "Health is Wealth"         (wise words passed down to me from my dear late uncle)

My Goals/Objectives:     Bring back real fun times, fitness and balance via on going series of agile vibes...

These vibe sessions will be in groups of similar ages and within safe surroundings of local venues. Initially, they will take place in and around Greenford & Northolt area in London's Ealing (UK).

Ultimately, for today's youngsters, it will mean a little LESS time on PSPs, Computers, Xboxes or glued in front of  TVs and some MORE time on their happy feet! I will encourage all to have real fun whilst getting fitter at the same time and getting that balance right.

I am still finalising venues over the summer break and close to publishing a schedule. 

To keep things fair, I may have to adopt a "First come, First serve" policy as spaces will be inevitably an issue. 

If you are seriously interested in securing a place, please kindly email me... anjli@agilevibes.co.uk.

Thank You... :)

Updates to follow...

posted 20 Jul 2010, 05:11 by Anjli Kotecha   [ updated 20 Jul 2010, 05:17 ]

Hi All, the first sessions were hit... Thank you for all the words of support and new requests for more classes....

I am trying to create a programme of events shaped for as many people as possible from tots to older generation who also requested a version catered specifically for them.... 

The first dozen vibe events went down really well.... Those lucky ones now have their prized certificates and we had such a wonderful time that the last session was tearful goodbyes until next term!

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